Why Online Gaming is Actually GOOD for Autistic People

Video by Andy Smith of Spectrum Gaming, Foreword by Nanny Aut

A bit of a change this week with a post from Andy Smith, founder of Spectrum Gaming. Gaming is something I can’t really speak on because I am not a gamer. I am someone who was a teenager before the BBC and the Spectrum made home computing a thing. And while I loved Meteoroids, Elite, Monkey Island etc. at the time, adult life meant I put games away, leaving me the poorer for it. Now the heights of my gaming rise to Animal Crossing, Candy Crush and Merge games – low level calming immersion.

Andy is a bit of a hero to me. What he has done with Spectrum Gaming and the difference he has made to so many kids lives is incredible. Honestly, if you want to fundraise to support an autistic charity – his would be it.

Anyway, enough of me speaking – the one to listen to is Andy. If your child enjoys online games and it worries you about the time they are spending on it – or you are being criticised by people who falsely see screen time as a negative thing – this video will be the best 20 minutes you will spend in understanding why gaming is SO important to your child.

This video is re-published with full permission of the author. Original video here.

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