Welcome to the Autistic Village

Welcome to the Autistic Village

Welcome to the Autistic Village – a group of blogs that has a village of Autistics contributing from all around the world and from all communities.

This website is designed to introduce and showcase Autistic culture, community and experience.

We may see, do and experience things differently from the majority, and we may be marginalised and misunderstood – but we are a valid neurotype. We deserve to be understood, accepted and respected like every other human being.

Whether you are autistic yourself, seeking to learn more about your neurology; a parent looking to learn more about your child; someone who supports Autistics and recognise that text books do not contain the full (or accurate) story; or just a seeker of new knowledge…

Welcome to our Village.

Our Current Blogs

Aut Thoughts – every Tuesday

This blog presents thoughts on the autistic experience from a variety of sources on a variety of topics from how to listen to us, from mental well-being to being a marginalised member of an already marginalised community. Rather than speaking for others, this blog provides a platform for Autistics to communicate for themselves.

If you are autistic (including self-diagnosed), have something you want to say and wish to contribute to this blog, please email autisticvillage1@gmail.com with Aut Thoughts Post in the Subject line.

Alternative Autistic Dictionary – every Wednesday

Blog by The Wizard of Aut and friends

The Alternative Autistic Dictionary was started by the Wizard of Aut – their musings about various aspects of autistic experiencing in alphabetical order. That said, those hoping for the letters K, Q, X, Y and Z may be disappointed. Team member Aiden Tsen also contributes to this.

Inside Aut – every Thursday

Blog by Nanny Aut

A look inside the Autistic neurology from the inside out, explaining how our brains work from the Autistic side.

Exploring such topics as processing, meltdowns, sensory needs etc, this blog looks at WHY we do what we do. WHY our needs and reactions are not disorders to be fixed but natural responses to our neurological design. HOW to understand and meet these needs to effectively work with our brains and not against them.

These explanations have been developed from personal experience and the collation of other autistic experiences over several years. Enhanced by knowledge gained and expanded through having psychology and autistic neurology as SPINS (Special Interests).

Artistic Autistics – every Friday and/or Saturday

There is an old, tired (and frankly annoying) myth that Autistics are not creative. This is not true and this blog showcases that, bringing you Autistics from all areas of artistic expression – painting, writing, design, model making, body art etc. etc. etc. If an autistic created it, it has a place in this blog.

We are actively seeking contributors to this blog. If you are autistic (including self-diagnosed) and would like to showcase your creative work, in whatever medium, please email us at autisticvillage1@gmail.com with Artistic Autistic Posts in the Subject box.

Future Blogs

As we grow and develop we will be adding new blogs to this page. The next three in the pipeline are:

SPIN City: SPIN is short for special interest and we are reclaiming the name. Autistics are passionate about so many things and our knowledge and undertanding in our areas of focus can surpass doctorate levels. We are seeking autistic (including self-diagnosed) contributors who want to tell others about what they love and why they love it. If you would like to do a post about your SPIN please email us at autisticvillage1@gmail.com with SPIN in the Subject box.

Life Hacks – Autistic Style: Most of us can do anything NTs do, only we may need to do it differently to do it well. Particularly when it comes to finding workarounds for stumbling blocks like poor executive function. We are seeking autistic (including self-diagnosed) contributors to offer their life hacks – what has worked for them and why. It doesn’t need to be a full post, we will collate contributions around a particular topic. If you have a life hack (or many) that you would like to share with this community please email us at autisticvillage1@gmail.com.

Ask Autie – One of the most challenging things for a lot of us is navigating relationships – from casual office acquaintances to life partners. If you have a relationship question you would like answered, or you would like to be on the Advice Panel, please email autisticvillage1@gmail.com. Contributors and advisors of all neurologies are welcome for this blog. Relationships are built through understanding and we need all voices on this one.

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