Fertile Soil

Author: Stephanie Neese

TW: Parental Disappointment

Image by Vlad Vasnetsov from Pixabay
I’ll tend to my garden and ponder,
This mad world that roots in your brain,
The soil of my skull rich with nutrients,
A migraine untreated,
Teeth grinding in fear,
No ones cares so why should I?

I’ll tend to my garden and ponder,
How little sanity is left in a world,
Run by greedy sociopaths that,
Bought into the system with money
We couldn’t ever dream of having

But don’t say poor little one,
We are rich in family so eat another potato
And be grateful your grandmother still visits
Even though you are our greatest disappointment
Our little genius,
Our little freak.

We secretly hate you, pumpkin.
We will carve you in our image but 
You will never be what we could have been
With parents like yours.

Spoiled American Brat
Worst moment of my life

The vines grow out of my ears
A jack-o-lantern smile lights up as I tend 
To the roots in my garden,
And ponder.

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