Views Through An Autistic Lens – Part 1

Photography by Dylan Cotton

Flinders Ranges, Milky Way, South Australia

My name is Dylan Cotton and I’m an professional, award winning, photographer from Adelaide, Australia. I’m 22 years old.

Photography really has changed my life for the better and has really made things good in life .. I love travelling around Australia for my work.

Even though some people may see being autistic as bad, I really see it as a benefit, especially with my photography.

Feel free to follow me on Insta @world_photographer2020 and on Facebook at Dylan’s photography

Robe Beach, South Australia
Kangaroo Island, Flinders Chase, Windy Road, South Australia 
Mackenzie Falls, Victoria
Robe Boat Marina, South Australia
Second Valley, South Australia

More photographs by Dylan Cotton on Insta @world_photographer2020 and on Facebook at Dylan’s photography.

All photos subject to copyright.

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