Pieces of Emotion

Art by Eda Brontë

Piece 1

This is the first piece of digital art I ever created, and I did it for an art college assignment. I wanted to recreate the feeling of feeling alien (a common theme in my art, I’ve started to realize!). At the time, I could not stop thinking about spirals and fractals; how everything in the universe can be condensed down or blown up into a fractal, no matter how large or small. It made me think about my own role in the universe and how it can be both insignificant and monumental. I created this lady to be an embodiment of spirals who feels both alien and natural at the same time. Bonus points if she scares people!  

In Pieces to Peace

My whole adult life I have experienced very difficult mental lapses where I cannot control my thoughts, emotions or physical responses to stressful situations. This piece is the only one I have created while my eyes were blurry with tears, my hands shaking from adrenaline and while sitting on the floor (my happy place). 
I focused my whole attention on the drawing and gradually my tears lessened, my hands moved more rhythmically, and I was able to breathe again. This drawing was more powerful in calming me down than any drug I’ve taken. I’ll always see her as saving me from a panic attack. 

Inner Peace

This isn’t a deep piece at all, just one I really love! She brings me peace, with her otherworldly yet earthly tones and her inhuman self. I like to imagine that our inner selves are whatever we wish them to be, and she would be my inner self when I am content and have self-love. When I have self-hatred, my inner view turns into something grotesque. I try to remember this piece and how I wish to view myself. What is reality anyway? I like to use art to create my own 🙂 

For more of Eda’s work, you can follow on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/eda.nefelia.art/?hl=en

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