Abstract and Pattern Matching

by Hollie Hyde

Art is something that I have done in various forms for as long as I can remember.

I know that I am struggling when I stop making art.

But I also know I am recovering when I start again.

This is a piece I did with ink and a bamboo dip pen.

I started by simply making marks on the paper that felt nice, then I joined the marks up, then I saw a vague scene.

Most of my paintings are slightly abstract and can be interpreted in different ways… this one however seems to have really pushed the limits…

So far people have seen:


And it got me wondering… is there anything else?

I know us Autistics are good at spotting patterns… so, what do you see?

Does what we see in art like this reflect something about ourselves? Something we connect with?

I guess it makes sense that we would at the very least see something familiar to us…


First published at facebook.com/IAmTheFaceOfAutism

Reproduced here with full permission from the author.

One thought on “Abstract and Pattern Matching

  1. I can see steps leading up to the door of a house, with a lantern on the wires in the street outside. It seems to have a Chinese theme and, to me, the lantern signifies the celebration of a festival.



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